It’s all about supporting each other.


Being a small business owner is no small feat. Keeping inventory, finding the right talent, balancing the books and effectively marketing to your audience can all make or break your business.  However, as a fellow entrepreneur, I wanted to create an opportunity to be of service to others by helping them market their business.


That said, we here at eleven22 developed a summer series entitled, Main Street Entrepreneurs, which will showcase local small business owners. These complimentary one-minute promo videos are our way of allowing these businesses to sample what video can do for their brand.  Videos have become king and poised to remain so, with a predicted 80% of all traffic consisting of video by 2021 according to data from Cisco.


This limited series will be featuring long established and up-and-coming businesses based in the Chicago western suburbs of La Grange, Western Springs, and Hinsdale. We will be scheduling these 1-hour shoots on Saturday mornings from 9a-12p.  If you are a small business owner in these towns and would like a promotional video, fill out the form below to participate.


We look forward to creating your video 🙂

Main St. Entrepreneur Filming Request

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